The date is set! 03/02/2009

Thanks to everyone for all the wonderful replies! We have found the place and set the date for the wedding. Check out our Invitation page for those details.The wedding is on a Saturday but if you are interested in coming we plan to do some touring around town with family and friends on the days before and after the wedding. Also most flights here come through Beijing so we want to arrange to take everyone to the Great Wall after the wedding since it will be on your way anyways. Chongqing is full of interesting places to see so if you are coming make sure and have some time to view the views!


  Wow, what a perfect Valentine’s Day. I was so surprised that Troy proposed to me. I’ve always known that someday it would happen but I certainly wasn’t expecting that it was going to happen on Valentine’s Day! Really that day everything was so perfect and so sweet. After that day every time I tell one of my girlfriends about my perfect Valentine’s Day, with my perfect candle lit breakfast, the perfect handmade Valentine’s card, the flowers, the dinner, and of course the most romantic proposal, they all feel so jealous and envy me so much! Hehe ^_^ They all say if some man would give them a proposal like that they would say yes for sure. That’s why my answer was, yes of course! But that’s not the only reason, the most important reason is Troy is really a wonderful person for me. We love each other so much and he always takes good care of me no matter what and always makes me feel so safe. So I always knew I’m going to marry with him. so after a perfect proposal like that my answer of course is YES. You know every girl has the dream of getting proposed to by the man they love. I was thinking, if that happens to me someday…what should I say, what should I do?, but when that situation really happened to me that day, I just forget everything I once thought of or planned. I just felt like my heart was going to stop and my brain definitely stopped working. You know I’m a girl of so many words and even if I speak in front of 1000 people in public I won’t get nervous. However that day was the first time my speech function just turned off. When I seen the ring in the chocolate box I could only manage to say, “oh my god” and “are you kidding me”. When I seen him take the ring, hold my hand, and kneel down if front of me to begin his proposal the tears just started pouring down my face. Then after he said , “will you marry me”, in Chinese, I wanted to answer “yes I will” very quickly but I was crying so hard and could barely breath so I could only manage to nod my head to say yes. Then I took a deep breath and said “yes I do” to him. That moment was the happiest moment I’ve felt in my whole life. Even if I watch that video today my eyes cannot stay dry and also I will be smiling the entire time. After I said yes, he asked me to give him my hand to put the ring on and I asked, “which hand?” During that time I really had no idea which hand because as I told you my brain had stopped. Then he told me left hand and I gave to him but he said, “the other left hand”. Oops! I gave him my right at first, I didn’t even know left from right so you can see how my brain wasn’t functioning! Also I can tell during the whole proposal he was feeling similar to me with breathing heavily and the poor brain functioning as his hands were shaking a lot. He could not even hold the ring steady. Finally we got the ring on my left hand and it fit perfectly! Then he hugged and kissed me and told me he loves me so much and of course I love him so much too! 

   A long time ago, I read some story that said, when you are a lone you only have half of your life. Then one day you will meet another person to complete you, I think I have met that person. Troy is the one who can make my life complete. mmmhhh Anyways, you know Troy is sitting right next to me and he just said I can see your words have come back. So I guess that means I will quit writing for now and I hope to meet everyone who is reading this in the near future. 

  Talk later,


Videos 02/17/2009

Well the proposal videos are up. If you are blocked from where they are hosted you may also download them by clicking on the files directly below the videos. The are still some spelling errors we haven't fixed in them. Other than that they turned out pretty well. I wish there was better lighting for the video but I wasn't exactly thinking the clearest during that time. Anyways enjoy and let us know if you have any problems!


So it happened something like this...

I woke up at 6:30 Saturday morning so I could prepare Maggie some Valentine's breakfast. I went out and bought some milk and steamed pork buns (a traditional breakfast food in China) then came back and set them up along with the box of chocolates I bought. I put it all on a plate surrounded by little heart shaped notes I had made for her. I lit some candles around it and awaited her to wake at 7. Weird for breakfast huh? I prepared some music too. When she got up she was confused to why I was awake already but then very happy to find her breakfast. When I went to warm the food she set a gift on the table for me. I didn't notice it was there until she pointed it out to me, then I looked down to see a box of chocolates, the same as I bought for her. So funny, I guess we think alike. Then I started the music and we had a slow dance to Richard Marx, Right Here Waiting for You, since that was how we felt every time we have been apart.

Then after I sent Maggie to the taxi and I went to buy some card making supplies since I don't know where to buy cards anyways. I went back home and went back to my childhood skills in card making. During that I also recited my lines over and over. I even handmade the envelope. After that long task was completed I had to iron the new clothes I had purchased the day before. I got all shined up and began rehearsing my lines in front of the video camera so I could check to see how ridiculous my Chinese was going to sound. After a few of those it was time to head out.

I went to pick up the flowers and then I would be meeting Maggie for coffee. She arrived before me and was excited to see me with the flowers as I came up the escalator. We went to a coffee house since it was too early for dinner still and I then presented my work of art to her. She was very happy and surprised by my talent since art is not really my thing.

After that we went to our special restaurant for dinner. We had to wait awhile to get a table since it was so busy. I began eyeing the opportunity, checking camera angles, and everything else that would play a factor. I soon began to realize that it was way too loud due to the busy day and I could not propose her there. During dinner her girlfriends had called and asked us to go out to the bar after dinner and we agreed. Ok but where am I supposed to propose now??? Wait till tomorrow? Maybe it will rain? We plan to go motorcycling... So I decided to tell her we need to go to a quiet bar and have a drink before going to the club. Maybe the nice jazz bar on the river or something could make a good environment. Then she mentioned the 39th floor of the Marriot and how nice that was. She even mentioned the restaurant was so nice and would be a wonderful spot for proposals, "gulp, does she already know?" but I just said, "well actually I always wanted to go there anyways, so let's go there." So after dinner we went.

Upon arrival to the 39th floor we found out the bar had been closed for the occasion. I was thinking, "you must be kidding me, please be!" Maggie said, I guess we'll just have to go to the club directly. I'm thinking, no way, I'm ready, I have to do this today. I've already been sick the whole day thinking about this. So I began questioning other possibilities and she mentioned a cigar bar on the 2nd floor. Well, cigar bar, maybe it will be ok? So we went down and actually it was a very nice place. Pretty quiet, good environment, I think it will work. We ordered some drinks and I began rehearsing in my head more. I made many trips to the bathroom to rehearse and try to get my heartbeat back down. Trying to break into the video idea I started playing with the camera and started talking about making a Valentine's video for the memory. I started to notice there was now too many people around and a couple began playing pool. She said we could go in the back. Great, so we moved into the back room where nobody was and there was a couch there, perfect. So I set the camera up to find the light was a little dim but it was going to have to work. After all the preparation, butterflies, obstacles, nervousness, this was go time. I rehearsed in my head one more time and said to myself, well, here goes everything

Oh my, one day 02/12/2009

Well, I spent an hour or so yesterday proposing to my translator at work so I could practice my lines. They are so difficult for me but I think I am getting it. I guess I had better to practice a lot today.

Maggie and I went shopping last night. I needed help to buy some new clothes since it's a bit hard to communicate the resizing. I had told her I wanted to dress up for our dinner tomorrow. I don't think she had any idea the reason I want to be looking good is to propose.

Well, I just found out my plans have changed a bit. Maggie has to work all day Saturday. I did plan to take her outdoors and go view some scenery since it's supposed to be warm. However I think's it's like a relief now since I can stay home and prepare all day. So maybe I can be ready by dinner time.

Preparing.... 02/10/2009

Well, I have my last three lines translated to Chinese. I want to ask the question in Chinese because I think it would mean a lot to Maggie. I am now working on memorizing them and the pronunciation. Pronunciation is very difficult in Chinese so I just hope that she can understand! I don't want her asking "what?" otherwise I will have to go back to English if all else fails.

Lately she calls or messages me at work little does she know I have been working on all of this. She reminded me that Saturday was Valentines day so I really don't think she expects anything. Saturday is coming fast.


Well my lines are getting close to done and days are getting few. I don't think they are the words of a poet or most romantic in the world but they are my words and hopefully they make sense to Maggie and come across as I mean them. I am trying to get this site ready ahead of time to help share the news to everyone back home.