Well we tried to ride to Florida on our motorcycle to party with you but we couldn't find the way. So we had to switch to plan B to try and make your birthday special. So even though we are still halfway around the world remember that we care because you are a very special person. Since we've become family you have taken me in, been helpful in my difficult times, and always manage to give me some great advice. I might not be smart enough to listen to it all the time but I am smart enough to appreciate it everytime. So even it seems we are far away remember you always right inside my heart...Maggie might not know you yet but I have told her how great you are and she is excited to meet you.

  So if you are thinking this is just another birthday you'd be wrong. You have done many things for yourself and others this year. You've even been successful starting your business! So with all these reasons to celebrate I hope you can find time sit back and relax because you deserved it!

  with love,

  Troy & Maggie